Exotic Fibers of Canada was established in 1998 in Innisfail, Alberta, Canada and is, to this day, our current home.  At our fiber mill, we process fiber from numerous animal’s hair but our primary source of fiber is from Alpacas.  We have also successfully processed Mohair, Angora, Muskox and Llama.

The process begins with sorting the raw fiber provided by farms throughout North America. The sorting process is based on microns. This determines what the fiber will be used for either socks, scarves, toques or for bedding.  The fiber for the scarves and hats use the softer, finer fibers.  The fibers which are soft but stronger are used for socks and finally batting for pillows and duvets.

Once sorted, we thoroughly wash and dry the fibers. From this point the fiber is blended to fit the end requirements.

Exotic Fibers Of Canada is the only worsted fiber mill of its size in North America. For the plied fibers, the fiber comes from the carder to two draft machines that comb the fibers with thousands of teeth, making the fibers lay parallel to one another. This process attributes to the soft feel of the end product. The product then goes through the spinning and plying process to cones which are then distributed to various knitters throughout North America.

Exotic Fibers Of Canada has been involved with Canadian knitters to provide an excellent range of socks, scarves and hats for resale. We also sell the duvets and pillows made with our batting we provide and again, the product is constructed in Canada.

We have testimonials from workers, hunters, skiers, golfers etc. raving as to the comfort, warmth and durability of our products. Most won’t be without them. Once you try them you won’t go back to anything else.

For those using our Drop and Shop program, we would like to Thank-you for your support. If you have fiber and have not yet used our services, please give us a call.

Mill Tours can be arranged by calling for an appointment.

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